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Antihistamines & Drugs that may Affect Testing

Please review prior to your appointment:


Canton Asthma & Allergy looks forward to having you join our host of satisfied patients.
To schedule an appointment, please call us at one of our two convenient locations in Canton or Novi, Michigan. Our appointment scheduler will respond to your request within 48 hours.


We accept most Commercial insurances (HMO and PPO), Tricare, Medicare, and Workers Compensation Cases.  We do not accept Medicaid. Please check with your insurance carrier before scheduling to confirm whether you need a referral from your primary care physician (PCP) before being seen by a specialist.


Once you have made your initial appointment, you may download and print the new patient forms, fill them out and bring them with you to your first visit. Completing the forms prior to your visit will help speed up the new patient registration process.


*Please note: A number of medications can affect skin test results and may need to be discontinued for a specific amount of time to allow for proper interpretation of allergy skin tests. Please see the list at right  and follow the timeline suggested for each. As a rule, asthma medications do not affect skin tests and can be continued as prescribed.

Before Your Appointment:


  • Call your insurance company to verify your coverage and ask:
  • Does my insurance cover allergy testing? (CPT codes: 95004 & 95024)
  • Does my insurance have a deductible that needs to be met before they pay?
  • Does my insurance require me to pay an office visit co-pay or percentage?
  • If you have HMO insurance, obtain a written referral from your doctor.
  • Call our office 2 days before your appointment to verify that we have received your referral.
    • Without the authorization form, you will be asked to reschedule or pay for all charges at the time of your visit.
  • Please complete these forms and bring them with you to your appointment.


What to Bring to Your Appointment:


  • Your insurance card and identification
  • Physician referral forms, if required by insurance
  • Your completed New Patient Registration Form and New Patient Questionnaire
  • List of prescriptions and/or over-the-counter medication, including dose and frequency
  • Information about your medical and surgical history
  • Recent skin test results or relevant medical records
  • Payment for your co-payments (if you ask us to bill you, there will be a $10.00 statement fee added to your charges)


If the patient is a minor, a parent or legal guardian with proof of guardianship records must be present.

Cancellations on the day of your appointment or a broken appointment with no notification will result in fees charged for unused time and possible denial of future appointments.

Antihistamines and Drugs That May Affect Testing:


Please be off the following medications a minimum of the times listed. If you’re unsure feel free to contact us!


 48 hours – All regular antihistamines, antihistamine/decongestant combinations, OTC (over-the-counter) cold/cough preparations, sleep aids like Tylenol P.M. or Excedrin P.M.

 3 days – Emadine Eye Drops

 4 days – Allegra/Allegra D (Fexofenadine), Astelin Nose Spray (Azelastine), Optivar Eye Drops (Azelastine), Astepro Nose Spray

 5 days – Zyrtec/Zyrtec D (Cetirizine), Zantac (Ranitidine), Atarax (Hydroxyzine),  Vistaril, Periactin, Axid (Nizatidine), Tagamet (Cimetadine), Xyzal (Levoceterizine)

 7 days – Claritin/Claritin D/Claritin D-24 (Loratadine), Alavert, Clarinex/Clarinex D (Loratadine), Patanase


For example: If your appointment is on a Thursday, and the length of time to be off the medication you are taking is 4 days, take your last dose on the Saturday before your appointment.



Please call our office prior to your appointment if you have any questions regarding medications you are taking.


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